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Many places are tagged “top tourist destinations” for obvious reasons. These places have natural, material and human resources designed to give people the time of their lives. One of such places is the state of Hawaii.

Most tourist destinations usually have specific areas that are considered as tourist attraction centers. However, the entire Hawaiian state is all about tourism. backed by a strong tourism board, its beaches, islands, ocean views, great meals and many other features make it more endearing. Over 8 million people visit this place annually and spend $14 billion in expenses.

Gambling in Hawaii

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We have reached out to gambling industry experts for their expertise in gambling laws and regulations for their take on this particular region.

Despite stats showing the number of tourists it receives, Hawaii does not make the most of this opportunity. Different people have different definitions of what they call “fun.” For some people, it may be engaging in adventurous activities, others see nightlife, relaxation or educational activities as fun. For certain people, fun means taking their chances at a game and earning some money.

The Hawaiian people place sentimental value on families. This is one of the reasons why they are very friendly with tourists. This same value is why they forbid all forms of gambling in the state. The locals see gambling as a threat to the family life they strongly cherish. In other words, every form of gambling is forbidden.

Those opposing the legalization of gambling always point to the addictive aspect of gambling. They often ignore the fact that only a small percentage of the gambling populace become addicted to gambling. Besides there are non-profit organisations that help addicts overcome their problem.

Online Gambling in Hawaii

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Unlike Hawaii, some other states permit certain forms of gambling like lottery and races. One thing to note is that the gambling laws in Hawaii do not cover the use of the internet for gambling. The law only stated that land-based and offshore casinos are prohibited from operating on Hawaiian lands or waters.

To this effect, many online casinos are exploiting this gray area to provide Hawaiian players with gambling services. Lack of online casino regulation exposes gamblers to the risk of falling victims to fraudulent casinos. Lack of regulation on the part of the government implies a loss of revenue from taxes. This is because the Hawaiian government does not know how many online casinos are operating in Hawaii because it refused to license them.

New Casino Opening in Hawaii

New casino in Hawaii

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The Hawaiian government will soon legalize some forms of gambling. Two senators have proposed a pair of bills aimed at legalizing some forms of gambling. It will require owners and operators of casinos to meet the necessary criteria for them to obtain operating licenses. These bills will legalize card games and lotteries in the state.

The bills will also permit gambling companies outside the state to provide gambling services for players within the state. It will also enable the state organize up to two gambling events. This is a welcome development as it will help the government generate revenue from the gambling industry. Licensing of casinos will also help protect the gamblers by filtering out fraudulent casinos.

If there is a reason to legalize casinos, it is because people visiting or living in Hawaii are already gambling. Unlike what most people think, legalizing gambling does not mean that people should go haywire while gambling. Regulating the gambling industry will also reduce incidents of underage gambling. Underage gambling is one of the major causes of gambling addiction.