Living in Hawaii: What No One Will Tell You

Living in Hawaii is wonderful. I have many family here that I see almost every day. Life here is different to everywhere else as you would expect. Across the Hawaiian Islands, there is a way of living that is a little slower and with this life is embodied by the Aloha Spirit.

For first time visitors, I understand the pre-conceptions tourists have when visiting, but let me share with you some fact about Hawaii that not many people from the island will share with you. All the good and all the bad as well.

1. The Aloha Spirit

Those travelling to Hawaii is welcomed with open arms and will encounter friendly natives which is not a stereotype, we really are chilled like this to all guests and the Aloha Spirit is very much a real thing shared by all Hawaiians.

2. The Cost of Living

Many that come to Hawaii are unsure of the cost of living so it hits them hard when they realise just how expensive it is. Because the island is limited in development, housing costs are huge! This also affect the cost of food on the island which is approximately 50% more than what you would find on the mainland.

3. Casual is Our Middle Name

In Hawaii, there is no dress code, in fact, its known as Aloha Casual. No fancy garments for work, no Sunday special for weddings. Just be comfortable and the more women wear bathing suites the better (said on behalf of all the men on the island.)

4. Entertainment All the Way

Now, there are some restrictions to entertainment for holiday goers. So, please note that if you expect to find gambling on the island, then I am sorry to inform you that there are no casinos in Hawaii, there are no forms of gambling, scratch cards, lotteries, even bingo is banned here. So, look elsewhere for the action and might I suggest some of our own cultural entertainment: Snorkelling, Golfing, Surfing and Whale Watching.

5. We call it Vog

Vog is something to be aware of and not many tourists are aware of this, thinking that vog is a made-up word. Vog is, in fact, volcanic smog that can float over from the big island. It can wreak havoc on the sinuses and hits hard like an allergy, so you may what to stay inside whilst it blows over.

6. Come for the Weather, Stay because of the Traffic Jams

Your stay may be forced upon you if you get stuck in our traffic jams. Oahu is the place with the worst traffic, bare that in mind. The streets are potted with holes and there are more road closures than traffic lights. The average Honolulu sits in their car more than any other person on the mainland.

7. You can Explore Every Island

You will be able to enjoy and witness active volcanoes, the delights of our rainforest and epic sea cliffs that come with our pristine beaches and oceans. There are so many wonders of nature to see, you will forget what home looks like.